Friday, January 28, 2011

52 Week/Friday 2/52

It's Friday again, woohoo! So, it's time for another Friday photo. This week the theme is black and white. I'm really not one for B&W. I do love my colors, so it was hard to let go of all the fun colors  ususally have in my photos. However, B&W makes one focus on the expressions and what is going on on the photo. So here it is my B&W of the boys, it's not often i can these boys to hug!
Dont forget, to hop on over over to Tabitha's blog and see her wonderful work!

Friday, January 21, 2011

52 Week Project

As many of you know I am part of a couple photography forums. One of these forums is the Bloom Forum. They have gotten a few groups together to do a 52 week project. Every Friday we will all post a picture from a list of themes that we can come up with. We will also have a link to another person's blog to we can all share the love and the talent!  This is my first week! I know I'm not the best blogger out there so it I go! I am doing this for 2 major reasons. One to become a better blogger and two so that i can get my ccreative juices going.
I have so much going on right now it is crazy and I"M even more crazy to commit to this but hey, I think it is important that one pushes themselves in order to see how far they can go. You can know if you can do it unless you try it right?!
So here's my "week 1" of 52 week. its not the greates photo I took but I find self portraits extremly hard. I wanted to show a little bit of everything that I am. So, here I am, a stay-at-home mom (my real baby didnt want to pose with me lol) an army wife, a photography enthusiast, and a person who is trying to be fit. Juggling it all while looking up at the "heavens" for help.

Here is a link to Kimberlee Edwards' blog. She is a wonderful photographer! , enjoy!