Friday, March 25, 2011

week 52. I'm back on track

I am finally back on track here. I have been feeling so lost now a days. I dont knw if its the change in tiema and weather, the kids spring break...ect? BUT, I am now here again with this weeks theme. "out of focus". This is an intresting one for me as I'm alsways trying to make my photos as sharp as can be. Not, only that but, I think it's even harder to post it....yikes!
This week we went looking for new locations for me to use with soon to be clients. This is photo was taken down the street from the famous Roxy Theare here in Clarksville. Of course my children were being such angels, they just love for mama to take photos of them...NOT!!!! haha
Heres the photo, and dont forget to hop on over and see the next blog!Nicolasa Moreau, New Hampshire Photographer